Electrical Questions

Mica answers your electrical questions

I want to install solar water heating. I know to choose a service provider accredited with Eskom (for the rebate) & SABS. What are some pitfalls I must look out for? It’s a big investment and I don’t want to choose the wrong service provider. Your advice?

I would suggest that you contact your local Eskom office and find out which installers in your area are accredited. Then, I would do the rounds of my neighbourhood and simply ask a number of homeowners with solar panels who did the work and if it was satisfactory. I think this is better than contacting the businesses directly as they would tend to pass on the contact details only of those clients who they know were happy with the work; checking with the homeowners directly should give you a better idea of who to select. Ideally you should end up with a couple of names of what appear to be good contractors, and you could approach them for quotes.

Regarding the quotes, ideally they should be on an official company form, and they should be itemised in detail, so you know exactly what work will be done, and why. Once you have them, you should be able to make your choice.

I also suggest you ensure there is a warranty against faults so that you have some sort of assurance that any faults that appear within, say, two years, will be rectified.