Miscellaneous Questions

Mica answers your miscellaneous questions

What would you say are the must have basic tools to have for a beginner in DIY?

Here goes, but remember, you do not have to buy all of this at once, get it in stages, and be happy to handle tools before making your purchase. As you are a woman, you will probably have small-ish hands, so ensure that any item you buy has a grip that suits your hand, and is comfortable. Here we go…

  • 5m steel tape measure;
  • Claw hammer – available in a range of head weights; go for the midrange – about 350g;
  • Set of insulated pliers – wireman’s; needle (long-nosed) and wire clipper;
  • Set of screwdrivers or screwdriver with replaceable bits;
  • Cordless drill/driver;
  • Mains-powered drill – about 500W;
  • Jigsaw;
  • Junior hacksaw;
  • Wood saw, or back saw;
  • Mitre box;
  • Stanley knife;
  • Spirit level;
  • Small adjustable spanner;
  • Set of four or five paint brushes: 25, 30, 38, 50mm;
  • Roller and tray with three removable roller heads;
  • Large adjustable spanner – 250mm;
  • One pair of vice grips
  • A pair of G-Clamps – 150mm;
  • A folding workbench, on which you can work.

A cupboard, box or drawer in which to keep them; it’s also as well to keep a torch in the same container, so that you have light when you need it, and I also keep a small hand-mirror with my tools – it’s useful for seeing under cupboards etc for that screw you just dropped.

What is infinity card?

The Mica Dream card (previously the Infinity Card) is Mica’s customer loyalty programme for customers to use at Mica. For more information, please contact your nearest participating Mica Store.

What are your operating hours for the Greenside branch?

Greenside is no longer a Mica Store. The closest Mica would be Dunkeld Mica Paint & Hardware and the information is available on the website Store Locator.

Please may I have more information on Infinity endless rewards

The Mica Dream card (previously the Infinity Card) is Mica’s customer loyalty programme for customers to use at Mica. For more information, please contact your nearest participating Mica Store.

One of my friends bought a steel Jungle Gym, at Mica.
I cannot find it, do you still sell it?

Sometimes ranges and stock from suppliers and within stores vary. Please contact either your closest Mica or Mica’s customer care centre (086 112 2114) and they will assist you.

Can we buy promotions online?

Unfortunately the Mica Promotional goods are only available in store. Please visit the Mica store locator to choose your nearest Mica or call our customer care line on 086 11 22 114 for assistance.

Could I pay my car disc renewal with you guys?

Unfortunately we do not offer this service.

Do you sell thermal paste?

Yes, most Mica stores should stock thermal paste. Please contact your closest Mica store and if there is a problem please contact Mica’s customer care centre (086 112 2114) and they will assist you.

Do you have any decor products and if so, what do you offer?

Mica stores do usually stock decor items but you would be best advised to visit your local Mica – or a couple in your area – and see what they stock and find out whether they would be able to order anything specific on your behalf.

Do you sell Patio Furniture?

Yes, many Mica stores do sell patio furniture, umbrellas, braais and so on. Ask at your local Mica for details.

Do you sell stove plates and if you do how much is the big and small plates respectively?

You would need to chat to your local Mica manager to see what hotplates are available. Generally, Mica sells the necessary wiring, plugs and other components required for fitting stoves, and many branches also sell hotplates. If your local Mica does not have what you need in stock, however, I am sure you will get good advice on where it will be available.

Do you stock numbers for postboxes and do you have different sizes?

Yes, your local Mica should stock a range of numbers, either self-adhesive or fixed with screws.

Do you supply safety shoes?

Mica Stores carry a variety of safety wear… please contact your nearest Mica Store for assistance or call our call centre on 0861 122 114.

Does Mica offer credit?
What are the requirements for credit?

Apply at your local Mica to open an account. As is normal with any application for credit with any retailer, your application will have to be assessed in terms of the National Credit Act and your own credit-worthiness.

How can I become a supplier or distributor for your company?

You would need to contact the Mica Support Centre (086 112 2114) and meet with your relevant category manager in order to open the discussion around being a Mica Preferred Supplier.

How does a supplier get his products listed at mica?

In terms of the process for listing as a supplier to the Mica Business, a supplier needs to contact Mica Head Office and speak to the relevant Mica Category Manager and work through a process of being listed as a preferred supplier, please contact us on cic@mica.co.za or 0861 122 114.

How many Mica stores are there in South Africa?

There are 126 Mica stores in South Africa. We have additional stores in the SADEC regions, but in SA, there are 126.

How much does it cost to build per square metre?

The cost to build per square metre depends on a number of factors, including but not limited to:

  • Area
  • Type of building
  • Finishes
  • Local bylaws
  • Costs of plans, architect
  • Cost of contractor
  • Location
  • Services required (plumbing, electrical etc)

In 2011, a consultant writing in M&G is quoted as saying: “The cost of a small home in a good area could cost R4000 to R5000 per square metre to build and the building costs for a duplex house or apartment costs between R5000 to R6000 a square meter.

The basic building costs of a luxury cluster could cost between R7100 and R8600 per square metre.”

As this is now 2013, you can up those costs by about 10% or more.

At the low end of the scale, a 40 square metre RDP house, which will have the most basic of finishes and services, will cost between R50000 and R60000 to build – R1250-R1500 per square metre.

It’s very difficult to be more precise than the above. What I suggest is that the correspondent contact his or her local municipality’s buildings department, which should be able to provide a good idea of what the local costs (subject to the points 1-8 above, and any others that may be relevant) might be.

I supply Graphite Lock Lubricants to hard wares, locksmths and Gunsmiths.
How do I become Supplier for Mica?

Mica works through a listing process with the business to ensure that the suppliers listed in the Mica Business can service the business in terms of product, product quality, ability to deliver etc. Please contact the Mica Support Centre on 011 479 3300 and you will be referred to the relevant Category Manager who will work through the process with you.