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Ryobi is well known for the excellent quality power tools they manufacture and sell. Offering a great selection of tools for a variety of needs Ryobi is a must for the DIY lover. The Ryobi brand is associated with quality and innovation. The brand is synonymous with always wanting to attain customer satisfaction. Ryobi is a power tool manufacturer that makes tools such as hand held drills, planers, saws, grinders, trimmer, generators, door closers and much more. Ryobi is dedicated to making practical tools to suit a variety of different needs. Ryobi tools come in cordless and electric form for maximum convenience. So no matter the DIY or industrial task you might need to undertake Ryobi has the power tool solution for you.

Makita power tools are one of the major brand leaders within the power tools industry. With over 100 different superior and innovative products Makita is a leader in the power tool industry. Makita pride themselves on manufacturing and supplying excellent quality power tools with extra peace of mind knowing that their products all come standard with service back-ups. Makita has over 100 years experience in the electric motor producing industry and continue to be innovative leaders in power tool manufacture. Mica supply Makita products which include saws, drills, grinders, flashlights and much more. Makita’s tools are compact and lighter making them a lot easier to utilise. Do an expert job with Makita products.

Bosch is a reputable electrical engineering brand that has over 125 years experience and has a solid establishment in South Africa with over 100 years trading in our country. Bosch is a well-known and trusted worldwide manufacturer and supplier of power tools, solar energy components and security accessories. Millions of people the world over associate Bosch with quality, reliability and efficiency. Bosch’s wide range of power tools can be found at your local Mica store. Bosch’s variety of products ensure that consumers have a wide choice when trying to complete their DIY tasks and include cordless and electric options such as drills, sanders, planers and much more! Bosch also has service establishments across South Africa – ensuring that after sales service is top notch, cost – efficient and quick! Whether you are a homemaker, DIY lover or industry tradesman, Bosch has the tool to suit your needs.

Dremel is a high speed rotary tool manufacturer and supplier dedicated to creating power pools of the highest quality. Dremel creates and supplies power tools that suit a variety of applications. Dremel tools are versatile and serve a multitude of purposes. Due to the variety and versatility of this product Dremel has consumers with many backgrounds – from DIY enthusiasts, to woodworkers, glass engravers, trade professionals and more! Dremel is constantly becoming more and more innovative and has expanded their range to include over 150 tools and accessories. Get to your nearest Mica store for excellent Dremel products and rest assured that Dremel guarantees quality and variety to find the right tool to get the job done.

Skil is a well-known and established manufacturer of power tools and accessories. Skil is famous for being the inventor of the circular saw. However, this brand also has an excellent reputation for manufacturing high quality power tools. Skil has over 90 years experience in this industry and is constantly striving to be more and more innovative. Skil creates affordable high quality power tool products that are available in Mica stores nationwide. Skil understands that its consumers need a tool that can get the job done perfectly while being easy to use. For this reason Skil have a wide range of versatile tools for any job whether it be for the DIY lover or industrial tradesman, you can rely on Skil to help you complete your task.

Kärcher is associated with high quality worldwide and excels in the cleaning technology market. Kärcher is the world market leader in cleaning technology and is well known for its high pressure cleaning systems. With over 25 years experience in creating this top quality product Kärcher is a firm favourite for household and industrial use. Kärcher products are available in a wide range in order to complete small or big jobs efficiently and effortlessly. Kärcher also offer vacuum cleaners, sweepers, steamers and more! The brand is dedicated to offering products that make the lives of clients easier, more effortless and more convenient. For your convenience get to your nearest Mica to try out our Kärcher products.