Organise your Garage!

An organised garage or workshop makes life much easier! A neat workspace not only saves you time but helps you make the most of the space you have.

So without further ado, read our 3 easy tips on how to maximise your garage or workspace.

Clean it out!

A garage tends to become the dumping ground for unwanted or forgotten items. Now is the time to clear it out. Sort everything you find into groups – such as tools, toys, car equipment, giveaways etc.

Start with a clean floor

A clean floor will make a quick difference in making your garage look much better! Start by sweeping out dust and particles or by using a leaf blower. Then scrub the floor with a broom and high-pressure washer. This will go a long way to help get rid of oil or grease stains.

Once you are happy that the floor is clean and dry we recommend getting a sealer from Mica to coat the floor. This will keep the floor looking polished and clean.

Create Storage Space

The best way to keep items neat is to ensure that everything has a planned space to be in.

Plan where you want groups of items to be then create different methods of storage for them.

Here are some great ideas:

Put shelves and hooks up to make hanging and wall space available for items. A shelving unit, like an office cabinet can also work wonders. You can also buy specialised hooks for items like brooms, bicycles, ladders and tools.

Plastic containers, which are available in a range of different sizes, are a great way to keep items together and keep them dust free. Store these on shelves and label them for easy access.
A great storage idea for power and hand tools is a pegboard. These are conveniently available from Mica and you can space your items as you wish. You could even go as far as outlining your product in its place – so you’ll always know where it goes!

Now all that’s left to do is put all the items in their place and voila, you should have a clean garage and workspace!