Your Essential Pool-cleaning Kit

Your Essential Pool-cleaning Kit

Much of keeping your pool clean and welcoming is a matter of “brush ‘n suck” – brushing debris off the steps, sides and bottom of the pool and either having your pool cleaner pick it all up or doing the job yourself. To do that, and care for your pool, you need a range of items.

So here we go – your basic cleaning equipment

Pool care kit 1

Telescopic poles

Even the smallest of plunge pools might have some awkward spots to reach and that is where a telescopic pole is so useful. It uses a friction action to allow you to lock the length at any point between the two extremes – fully extended and fully collapsed. They are generally aluminium with an end fitting that allows you to attach a wide range of cleaning heads.

Pole rack

You need to have somewhere to store your telescopic poles and a simple way to do it is to attach a couple of gutter supports to a wall, as shown here. Try to position them so that the poles and brushes are at least somewhat hidden.

Pool care kit 2

Test kit

A test kit is an essential accessory that helps you to maintain the correct balance in you pool water. They are easy to use and after testing the water, you can add the necessary chemicals to achieve the right balance. Notice a pool cover has been fitted to this pool to not only help keep leaves and other debris out of it, but also to ensure that pets and children won’t become tragedies.

Pool care kit 3

A scourer for those small jobs

A scourer like this is a great help in removing small areas of algae and discolouration in the pool. As back-up for stubborn problem areas, you can use a scrubbing brush, but when using either the scourer or the brush, be careful not to damage pool’s surface.

Pool care kit 4

Pipe dreams…

In order to use some of your pool equipment (see below), you will either need a single length of pool pipe to attach to the pool inlet, or sections. Using a long single length can mean you might need some duct tape or other repair kit on hand to affect any repairs.

Pool care kit 5

Oh leaf me alone

If you have trees, you have leaves, and if you have a pool, it will have leaves as well. So a leaf scoop is a must-have. It also serves to scoop out any poor unfortunate critters that might have fallen into the water.

Pool care kit 6

And the net result is

A pool net is another must-have and is suitable not only for skimming the surface, but also for retrieving leaves, etc. that have sunk to the bottom of the pool.

Pool care kit 7

Give algae the brush off

This pool vacuum is used in conjunction with the above-mentioned pool pipe. Attached to the telescopic pole it enables you to brush away stubborn algae which is then sucked up and into the weir and filter.

Pool care kit 8

Roll on… sucker!

This 8-wheel sweeper is weighted and flexible, so it can handle gentle curves, such as the corners of your pool. Attached to the pool pipe and moved over the bottom and side of the pool, it will suck up large leaves and other debris.

Pool care kit 9

Chlorine packs

Granular chlorine is available in a variety of pack sizes and has proved to be an efficient and easy way to help keep your pool crystal clear. Shock treatments are also available as a quick fix.

Pool care kit 10

Oh no… algae

Algae can flourish in your pool any number of times, so you need to have a good algaecide on hand to zap it before it becomes unsightly.

There are some optional extras you might consider:

  • A leaf trap – a small unit that you place in your pool and that is designed to trap the odd leaf or three that falls in the water before it sinks to the bottom.
  • If you have children or pets, you are well advised to go to the expense of installing a pool net. This can either be mesh, or shade-cloth. The latter (see the pool test kit image) prevents children and pets from drowning in your pool while also keeping debris in the pool to a minimum.