Handy Painting Tips

Painting Hints and Tips

To stop paintbrush bristles from splaying after cleaning, roll a strip of newspaper around the brush after cleaning. It will keep the bristles in line and it doesn’t slow the drying process as the paper allows the water to evaporate.

Mask it, Bag it

Applying masking tape around hardware works well but it can be a challenge if the hardware is ornate. The alternative is to remove the hardware, slip it into a plastic shopping bag and then re-attach it.

  1. Pull the bag back tightly so that it is snug against the edge of the hardware and paint around it.
  2. Once the paint is dry, simply pull the plastic bag away (you may need to loosen attachment screws slightly to free the last remnants)

Mixing and Storage

Properly mixed, a paint product will give you the results that you expect. Properly stored, you will be able use the same can of paint over a long period of time and it will still give you the finish that you want.

Short of a tray for a roller?
A roasting tray makes a good substitute but make sure that you cover it well in cling wrap or you will be the one getting the roasting.

From Pastry to Paint

When your kitchen mixer wears out, use the beater attachment – it makes an excellent paint mixer when mounted on a power drill. A word of caution: don’t remove it from the paint while it is still rotating – the result could be interesting!

Extend that reach
Why climb on a ladder when you can reach way up high by pushing the end of a broomstick into the handle of a roller. It’s great for painting the upper reaches of walls, ceilings and so on.

Painting into Corners

When using a roller to paint a wall, you won’t be able to get right into the corners or paint accurately along the skirting or cornice.

  1. Use a paintbrush to paint these areas first, then use the roller to get in as close as you can. The edge is far less noticeable than it would be if you use the roller first and then the paintbrush.

Lumpy Paint

Get rid of lumps in paint the easy way with an old pair of pantyhose. Stretch a leg of the pantyhose over the top of the can, keep it in place with a rubber band and pour the paint into a new container. The pantyhose’s tight weave makes for an excellent strainer.

Shopping List

  • Broomstick
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes & rollers
  • Brush cleaner
  • Paint tray

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