Make a Vanity Space out of Old Pallets

Repurpose old pallets by turning them into this beautiful rustic vanity!

What you will need:

  • Old Pallets
  • Mirror
  • Screws
  • Old Forks
  • Mirror Clips


  1. Start by taking the pallets apart and cutting 6 equal-sized planks. Use your discretion as to which length you want them based on the desired shape of your vanity.
  2. Now cut 3 more equal-sized planks that are the length of your other 6 planks placed side-by-side.
  3. Cut 3 small planks. Again using your discretion as to the length of shelves you want. Make sure to leave space for your mirror.
  4. Sand the wood down to ensure a smooth surface.
  5. Screw your 6 planks to 2 additional planks. Your vanity should now start to take shape.
  6. Screw the 3rd additional plank vertically to the side of the vanity as the 6 planks run horizontally.
  7. Now screw in the 3 shelf pieces to the side plank on the side and from the back of the vanity to ensure a secure fit.
  8. Fasten your mirror to the vanity with mirror clips to secure it. Tip: Use a glue gun to glue the mirror for additional fastening.
  9. Take your old forks, drill holes through the handles, bend them to form hooks and screw them along the bottom length of the vanity.