Make a Braided Doormat

What you will need:

  • Large piece of scrap paper as a guide
  • 50 m of thick, braided nylon rope
  • Scissors
  • Lighter


  1. Cover your work surface with the paper
  2. Draw a cross on the paper. It needs a 84 cm vertical line and a 32 cm horizontal line. This will be the dimension of your mat.
  3. As you follow instructions and weave, use the cross as a guide and tape down the loops to hold the shape.
  4. braided-doormat-step-1

  5. Starting at one end of rope, form a loose knot as shown; leave a 76cm tail on right side and slack on left side. Gently pull down on loops.
  6. braided-doormat-step-2

  7. Flip loops to left as shown. Lift the
  8. first loop and cross it over the second. Using tail end, weave as shown.
  9. braided-doormat-step-3

  10. Using slack end, weave diagonally toward bottom right. Pull rope through. Continue weaving back to top as shown, adjusting rope to resemble diagram.
  11. braided-doormat-step-4

  12. Follow path of first round with slack end, staying parallel to previous round. Pull rope through after each pass, weaving until mat is formed.
  13. braided-doormat-step-5

  14. Finish ends by using a needle to sew through the rope just below any frayed ends and tightly wrap thread around rope a couple of times. Sew through several more times to secure. Cut off end of rope just above thread. Singe frayed ends with a lighter to seal; sew to underside. Apply permanent craft glue to underside between ropes in spots to prevent shifting.
  15. braided-doormat-step-6

    Mica would like to credit the Martha Stewart Website for this project.
    You can visit this website at