Replacing a security gate lock

What you will need:

  • A new (matching) lock A drill with suitable size bit –a 4mm bit could be suitable
  • A blind riveter.


  1. Drill out the two rivets securing the lock.
  2. Buy a similar replacement lock. Having the old one to hand ensures that you will get exactly the equivalent. And yes, your security is at risk while the door is unsecured, but if you get a move on, and your store is close by, you should be sorted within a few minutes.
  3. Now all you need do slip the new lock into the door and fix in position with blind rivets. Done!

Slip the lock into position first and ensure that the key could be easily inserted and turned; there was little likelihood of a problem, given that the locks were virtually identical, but there was a slight difference in the key slot shape. Secondly, it is a good idea to lubricate the lock before installing it in the door; you will be able to remove excess lubricant, which then will not drip on the floor.

These materials are available at Selected Mica Stores. To find out which is your closest Mica and whether or not they stock the items required, please go to, find your store and call them. If your local Mica does not stock exactly what you need they will be able to order it for you or suggest an alternative product or a reputable source.