NPC-CIMPOR is a cement manufacturing business that distributes products only of the highest quality and industry standards. Natal Portland Cement is the original manufacturer and distributor of cement, concrete and aggregate products to the east coast industries of South Africa. NCP is committed to its surrounding communities and helping to build structures that are strong, sound and safe by providing retailers and professionals with only the best concrete on the market. Visit your local Mica for more information about NPC-CIMPOR and their wide product range on offer.

PPC Cement dedicates their business to manufacturing top quality cement and has been the leader in the South African market for 118 years. Read here for more about PPC Cement. Looking for hard working cement that won’t let you down? Trust PPC Cement to give you that much needed excellence you need from your cement to complete your building or construction projects with ease and efficiency. PPC has been at the forefront of some of the most famous South African buildings, landmarks and construction projects, Union Buildings, Gariep Dam and the Huguenot Tunnel to name a few. With their vast and flexible product offering, PPC is proud to serve the South African market with high quality cement to continue to build fine establishments and constructions.

Looking for quality all-purpose cement? Whether it’s a DIY or building project trust AfriSam all-purpose cement to do the job perfectly. AfriSam all-purpose cement is high quality cement that adheres to industrial building requirements. Producing tailor made concrete, mortar and plaster that stands the test of time with stability. Afrisam is a trusted brand by industry leaders and DIY enthusiasts alike. Dependable for its excellence in construction, structural work and much more. Available in varying strengths to suit all building needs in every industry. Proudly stocking AfriSam products nationwide, visit your local Mica to see our AfriSam range.