Water Saving Tips

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Top 5 Water Saving Tips

Reduce Shower Time
Investigate any Leakages
Do Full Loads of washing in one go
Defrost food Naturally or in the Fridge
Place plastic bottle in Toilet Cistern

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Top 5 Water Saving Tips

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Mica - Water-wise Tips

  • Save water in your home by wiping dishes instead of rinsing them before they go into the dishwasher.
  • Save water by installing a low-flow showerhead, allowing less water use during your shower time.
  • Be water-wise and keep the plug in the sink while you wash your dishes.
  • Save water with a bucket! Put a bucket in the shower and use the accumulated water for household cleaning and plant watering.
  • Save water in your garden. Use mulch to reduce evaporation from the soil. Your plants will thank you!
  • Save water this spring! Close taps properly - this can save you up to 900L/month.
  • Save water easily by using “grey water” – from baths washing machines & other safe sources – to flush your toilet.
  • Save water by using a broom to sweep rather than using water from a hosepipe when cleaning your driveways or patios.
  • Save water by semi-filling your basin for washing face or shaving. This will save you up to 45L/month.
  • To save water, be sure to check all your plumbing for leaks! If you find a leak, fix it ASAP to avoid water loss!
  • Need help saving water? Here's a tip! Make sure you wash full loads of washing and dishes so that you don’t waste water.
  • Keep a bucket in the shower to catch the water. You can use this water to water your garden or flush your toilet.
  • When you shower, wet your body, turn the water off apply soap, wash and then rise off with water.
  • Save water by keeping the plug in the basin when shaving rather than rinsing your blade under running water.
  • Always opt for the Eco option on you dish washer or washing machine – if you have one.

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