What a Grate Idea

What a Grate Idea

Has your home’s fireplace grate seen better days and your wallet isn’t ready for the expense of replacing it? Here’s what you can do to make it last a bit longer.

In this case, we needed a 3m mild steel bar (5x20mm) and 20 15mmx6mm gutter bolts.

Measure off the width and breadth of the bottom of the grate and cut two longitudinal pieces of 380mm long and 10 crossbars of 210mm – adapt according to your grate size and needs. Next, drill the necessary 6mm holes, aligning the pieces to match the existing spacing as closely as possible, and assemble the grid.

It won’t win any beauty contests, but it works like a charm and cost in all about R80 rather than the hundreds a new grate would cost.


  • Hacksaw or angle-grinder
  • Drill
  • 6mm HSS drill bit

These materials are available at selected Mica Stores. To find out which Mica is nearest to you and whether or not they stock the items required, please go to www.mica.co.za, find your store and call them. If your local Mica does not stock exactly what you need, they will be able to order it for you or suggest an alternative product or a reputable source.

  1. After 10 years or so, this grate – particularly the bottom part – has been burned away.
  2. Restoring a grate 1

  3. The solution – around 3m of steel went into this, but it is still a fraction of the cost of a new grate.
  4. Restoring a grate 2

  5. Ready to give it a try.
  6. Restoring a grate 3

  7. Cosy – a thumbs up from one very satisfied cat.
  8. Restoring a grate 4

Project guide

  • Skill level: 1
  • Estimated time: 1 – 2 hours
  • Cost: R70-R90
  • Assistant: No