How to Winterise your Garden

How to Winterise your Garden

Winter is here and it’s time to get those gardens ready for the frosty cold that so often destroys plants!

Use our top tips to winterise your garden here.

Tidy up

Remove dead stalks, dried leaves and any debris that can easily become a breading ground for pests and diseases. Remove all weeds too and ensure you take care not to allow their seeds to spread. Tidying up will go a long way in making your garden more manageable for spring too!

Choose your perennials

Choose plants that will bloom for 2 or more years, otherwise known as perennials. Planting bulbs and seeds in autumn, a few weeks before winter, will allow them to bloom for years to come as soon as spring begins.

Add compost

Once you’ve tidied up garden beds, layer them with compost and then water them to allow the minerals to leach into the soil. This will ensure healthy soil come springtime.

Use mulch

Especially if you’ve planted perennials, mulch is a must to protect the soil and allow perennials to develop a solid root system.

Protect trees and shrubs

Young trees, leaves and flowers are susceptible to suffering sun scald and frost bite with the extreme temperatures. Protect leaves and flowers with frost covers, as well as wrapping them around bark to protect young trees.

Make a windbreak

Using stakes and burlap, create shields to protect your plants from those August winds, which can cause serious damage with windburn!

Plant winter veggies

There is a host of veggies that grow very well in winter, such as spinach, beets and lettuce. We suggest planting these, but still protecting them with frost covers!

Get to your nearest Mica for all the equipment you need to protect your garden this winter so it flourishes this spring!