Hanging Garden

Living spaces in South Africa are quickly becoming smaller as more and more developments take place and vacant land becomes a scarce commodity. This is especially true in urban areas. If you find yourself with no outdoor space, or with a pint-sized garden or balcony, bring some green into your home with our simple DIY hanging garden.

What you will need:

  • Salvaged wooden planks
  • Threaded rods and bolts
  • Mason Jars


  1. Cut your salvage wood so that you have 6 equal sized squares. If you have more mason jars, go ahead and cut more, the same applies if you have fewer jars.
  2. Now roughly measure the diameter at the middle of the jar and cut circles in the wooden squares using a circular drill bit. Note that the top of the jar needs to be slightly wider than the middle.
  3. Drill holes on 2 opposite sides of your squares for your threaded rod to slide through.
  4. Feed the rods, washers and bolts through each wooden square and twist the bolts tight once your planks are in the desired place.
  5. Fasten 2 eyehooks to your ceiling in the desired location. It’s important to have the 2 hooks be the same distance apart as the threaded rods are. Now hang the garden from these hooks using metal cables. You can decide which distance you prefer. If you’re concerned about security, you could attach 2 decorative shelf brackets on a wall and hang your garden from them.
  6. Since mason jars offer no drainage, fill your jars about halfway with small pebbles.
  7. Now fill the rest of your jars with soil and plant your plants – you can use anything from small succulents to herbs. Fasten the metal lid rim securely and rest the jars in place. Note: Avoid heave plants as this will place unnecessary strain on your ceiling.
  8. Enjoy the extra greenery in your room!