The next time you shop for new light globes, get to your nearest Mica and try our innovative Current LED globes for your lighting needs.

The Current LED range is available in cool white suitable in places like your bathrooms and kitchen where clear lighting is needed and warm white that is suitable for bedrooms and living rooms where a harsh light is not required, creating a calm ambient.

The Current range is available in screw-in, clip-in and push-in configurations designed for light fixtures with those specifications. The range includes a 5-year warranty and is available in a spectrum of shapes and sizes. Whether you need lighting for indoors or outdoors, the Current LED range has you covered!

LED stands for ‘Light Emitting Diode’. Why choose LED lighting? Well, for multiple reasons these are the smarter choice when it comes to lighting your home and has become very popular over the years opposed to conventional globes. LED is safe, as it does not contain harmful gases like, mercury, xenon and halogen, unlike the conventional globes that can be harmful to you and your family. LED lighting is classified as long lasting; the materials used to manufacture a LED light are more durable and can handle more impact than conventional globes. The light given off a LED light is far greater than a conventional light as it is known as a directional light meaning that the light given by the LED light goes directly to the area it is meant to go to. This ensures that the light produced is utilized effectively, consequentially providing better visibility.

The biggest advantage of choosing LED is that it consumes less electricity, only using a tenth of the electricity than that of a conventional globe. This will allow you to save on costs and energy. Mica also offers a wide range of Current Solar garden lights that will allow you to save on electricity costs and can contribute to the security of your home or office building. Mica is committed to sustainable products for a greener Earth.

Our Mica fans can expect some exciting new innovative electrical accessories in the near future including multi plugs, extension cords and more, giving you more electrical choices to suit your needs.

Get to your nearest Mica for our Current LED globes range, solar garden range and more to create the right ambience inside and outside your home. Think of the environment, save on your electricity bills and more with your trusted Mica Hardware – Let us show you how.