Glue & Silicone


Qualichem-Genkem is an advanced adhesives manufacturer and exporter to the South African market. Qualichem-Genkem is one of the biggest adhesive establishments that exports to South Africa. The brand manufactures a wide range of water-based and hotmelt adhesives that have a multitude of purposes. Brands that fall under the Qualichem-Genkem brand include Tile Doctor, Nova, Genkem, Bourne and Sandtex. Qualichem-Genkem products are manufactured in the most advanced factories by skilled professionals who are passionate about the brand and are proficient in the latest adhesive manufacturing technologies. Use Qualichem-Genkem products for your DIY needs and watch as is it helps your project become a success.

Henkel is thought to be one of the product leaders in adhesives, sealants and functional coatings. Henkel serves both the local and international market with their adhesive products. Some of their well known South African brands include Pattex, Pritt and Loctite. Henkel has been in the adhesive industry for more than 75 years and brings a huge amount of experience and expertise to DIY lovers and tradesmen. Henkel products can be used in the household, in the office and in more industrial settings, including construction and manufacture. Henkel prides themselves on always striving to attain full customer satisfaction.

We all know the catch phrase “Don’t just stick it … Bostik it!”. As much as DIY lovers love the phrase they love and trust Bostik products even more. Bostik is a well-known and trusted adhesive product that features in many South African’s stationery repertoire today. Bostik manufactures a range of adhesive products such as glues, tapes and prestik. The brand is known for its reliable quality and value for money. Whether you need general school or office stationery, arts and crafts products or even stationery for more industrial use, Bostik’s products can be relied upon to get the job done effectively.

Alcolin is synonymous with quality. For over 60 years this adhesive company has made DIY easier for South Africans. Alcolin is owned by Permoseal and is known for their cold glue products. For more than 60 years now this adhesives company has helped DIY lovers and tradesmen alike achieve their DIY goals and projects. Some of Alcolin’s products include fillers, sealants, coating, silicones, caulking guns and exposies. For this excellent adhesive product get to your nearest Mica.