Temperatures are rising in South Africa and it’s almost time again to step outdoors and entertain on the patio. On Heritage Day, also known as ‘’Braai Day’’ we look forward to doing just that… but what exactly is Heritage Day? Heritage Day is one South Africa’s proudest annual days, which encourages all South Africans to celebrate the many cultural diversities and traditions that form this nation. It is a chance to express unity across the country while reminding everyone of the many rich and assorted customs that are embraced.

One of the standard things to do in South Africa on Heritage Day – and our favourite – is to braai! “Braai” is the Afrikaans word for “grill” and these casual get-togethers are celebrated across the country every Heritage Day to bring the nation together, sharing our heritage around lit fires and waving our flag high.

Bring out the ‘wors and light up the coals, here are some of our best braai tips for you to host the perfect braai when having your guests over for the holiday:

  1. Remove your meat from the fridge at least 1 hour before to let it thaw out first and at least 1 day before from the freezer – braaing your meat at room temperature will give you a much juicer meal.
  2. Before placing your wood and coals in, line your kettle braai with a few sheets of aluminium foil for a simple and easy clean up.
  3. No firelights? No problem! Instead of tossing your old and dry teabags into your compost bin, why not soak each tea bag in some paraffin to make for great firelighters.
  4. Before you start cooking, preheat your braai for at least 20 minutes to ensure it reaches the correct temperature – a properly heated grill will seal in the food’s juices, will aid food from sticking to the surface and it will kill any bacteria.
  5. Only use superior wood and coals for the reason is that you need an extremely hot fire to keep the meat’s flavours sealed in – trust us, you will taste the difference!
  6. Prior to cooking, place an onion in between the briquettes and firewood to give your guests and neighbours the hint that something delicious is cooking.
  7. Avoid tough meat by only putting on salt right before serving – if meat is salted too soon, the juices will be drawn out and become dry.
  8. Rather use braai tongs to turn and position meat and do not use a fork to do so – as jabbing meat with a sharp object will create unnecessary holes and allow the juices to escape.
  9. A great way to determine if your meat is ready, is to test its internal temperature with a Digital Cooking Thermometer.
  10. Lastly, the number one rule of braaing, is to keep patient and enjoy the process – perfectly cooked meat is cured slowly and on a low temperature – if you can hold your hand over the grill for at least 10 seconds, then it’s ready for you to start cooking on!

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