South African Paint Manufacturers Association

South African Paint Manufacturers Association – as this
programme is the first step in in the Environmental
Sustainability Focus for Mica
and secures us early
participation in this new Global Movement.

The main benefits of belonging to SAPMA are:

  1. The membership of SAPMA has been broadened to include
    all the facets of the industry as a whole and now encompass
    the following membership. This expansion of the association
    has been necessitated to:
    1. The manufacturers of paint/surface coatings (of
      which the membership represents 70% of all products
      manufactured in South Africa.)
    2. Associate members, representing all major
      suppliers of raw materials to the paint/surface
      coatings industry.
    3. Retailer membership has been extended to the
      distribution channels of paint /coatings
      manufacturers to all purveyors of paints and
      coatings to consumers and public.
    4. Paint Contractor, representing contractors who
      are affiliated and registered to SAPMA and abide to
      the code of conduct and ethics standards of the
  2. The multifaceted membership provides the opportunity of
    comprehensive networking opportunities between the various
  3. All members subscribe and adhere to a mandatory Code of
    Conduct and Code of Practice.
  4. A comprehensive and collective campaign to eliminate
    harmful “Lead in Paint” with the appointment of
    SAPMA affiliated/ approved manufacturers, suppliers,
    retailers and painting contractors.
  5. SAPMA ad hoc committees deal with key issues pertaining
    to the industry on an ongoing basis and advise members.
    Current topics include:
    1. Compliance with packaging requirements.
    2. Under SABS 0229 – transport of dangerous
    3. Response to “Lead in Paint” issues.
      Links to international authorities and
    4. Imminent Legislature pertaining to
      ‘Extended Producer Responsibility ‘and
      waste collection in relation to paint
    5. Imminent Legislation pertaining to
      ‘Consumer Protection Act’ and its
      influence on the industry.
  6. Liaison with the Government and statutory/standard
    setting organisations on matters affecting the surface
    coatings industry:
    1. Technical standards.
    2. Transportation.
    3. Effluent and waste management.
    4. Fire safety/Health and safety in general.
  7. SAPMA’s interactive Web site affording access to
    a myriad of information pertaining to the paint/coatings
    industry and links to world wide information and
  8. Members contribute to an audited statistical scheme
    highlighting national sales and cost of sales
  9. Attendance of bi-annual Coatings Industry Conference
    affording opportunities of insight into worldwide expertise
    on technical and business trends.
  10. Continuous updating of all regulatory and legislative
    information pertaining to the paint/coatings industry.
  11. Continuous update of Press Releases and information
    regarding the South African Paint Industry.
  12. Advisory councils for technical assistance for smaller
  13. Advisory and councils for ISO 9001/9002 accreditation
  14. Discounted membership of NCS colour technology
    registration and training.

So what does this mean for the consumer?

Mica customers can rest assured that all paint purchased
to all the necessary standards set out by the South Africa
Bureau of Standards (SABS).

Click here to view the SAPMA website.