Do you have an old wooden ladder in your garage but just can’t seem to part with it? Mica Hardware is here to inspire you with 10 fun, creative ways to bring your old ladder to new life.

  1. First up is a clothing rack – painted and suspended from the ceiling! With a little paint, chains and some hooks from Mica – it makes a perfect drying rack for your laundry.
  2. You can also use a ladder to herbs or veggies plant holder- with perfect spacing!
  3. What about a hanging ladder light fixture? So unique and perfect for a patio!
  4. You can also add some plywood shelves to an old ladder and you have a nice piece to display some plants or ornaments on.
  5. Simply enough, you can paint an old ladder and use it as a shelf.
  6. How about leaning one against the wall – it provides great storage like blankets without putting holes in the wall!
  7. Tired of those pots under the sink? Turn a ladder into a pot rack.
  8. An old repurposed wood ladder makes an excellent bookshelf.
  9. Ladders are good for your garden. Put a small step ladder in the garden and use the steps as shelves for those smaller pot plants, herbs or even a cute bird bath.
  10. Lastly, you can make a lovely shoe rack – no longer an excuse for an overloaded cupboard!