WITH THESE 5 STEPS #AchieveSuccess

With both Winter fast approaching and Earth Day around the corner, there are so many ways in which you can help protect the planet. By taking steps to reduce your energy consumption, you will shrink the amount of electricity that power plants have to make, therefore reducing the amount of fossil fuels that are burned every day.

When the weather gets colder, energy use in homes drastically increase due to more lighting usage and increased usage of heaters and electric blankets. It may seem that your own energy-saving efforts are insignificant, but you will be contributing to improving global crises such as: smog pollution, abnormal weather patterns, rising temperatures, even bigger natural disasters & higher sea levels, as well as, harm on animals and ecosystems. When you curb your energy use, you can help save trees, coal and natural gas.

Earth Day is more than just one day, Earth Day is an annual worldwide event to show support for environmental protection. Start to take small steps towards simple living, and reduce energy in your home by doing these 5 simple things to celebrate Earth Day!

  1. Switch to solar lights. Start with some simple solar lamps as candles can give out only so much light. Charge them on a sunny day and use them both outdoors and inside the house, plus they stay charged for a lengthy time. You may realise that you have more things that are drawing an excessive amount of power that you could do without. Unplug larger appliances when you are not using them, such as: the washing machine, dish-washer, microwave and tumble-dryer.
  2. Update your light bulbs. If you have not replaced your lightbulbs in every room with environmentally-friendly, energy-saving LED bulbs, then you seriously should. There are a so many options you can choose from and by changing them, you will save a lot of time, money, and energy.
  3. Switch to batteries where possible. Perhaps you have a few things within your home that are presently plugged in, however, they could actually rather run off battery power instead. Asses the household items in your home which you could ditch the power rather for batteries. This will also benefit you when the winter power outages begin.
  4. Substitute the electric stove or microwave for a gas cooking source. A propane burner or a simple camp stove is a valuable item to have around. You may be able to light the burners with a lighter if you do have a gas stove, but if you don’t, why not look into getting a gas camping stove. You can find them at your local Mica hardware store.
  5. Redirect heat to frequently used rooms. Be more energy-efficient by sealing off the vents in all the rooms that you do not often use, like store rooms, guest lounges or formal dining rooms, and rather direct the flow of air to the rooms that you really need warmed up.

Don’t just leave it to Earth Day, make taking care of the environment an everyday part of all our lives. If we took care of the environment on every other day of the year, imagine the global changes we could make to the world? It’s not going to happen overnight – but by changing the way we use things and the way we do things, we will contribute to a healthier and happier Earth!

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Save energy, save the environment, save our Earth!

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