Mica Projects

Every odd Thursday we will be bringing you an exciting new DIY project

Mica Projects - Crafty

Crafty Projects

Do you ever find yourself in the mood to just do something crafty? Browse through our crafty projects and find something beautiful to do!

Mica Projects - Fuctional

Functional Projects

Getting stuck into a DIY project is a great and constructive way to kill time. Knowing that your project will serve a noble purpose is the cherry on top!

Mica Projects - Garden

Garden Projects

A day spent in the garden is rewarding in so many ways, take a look at our Garden Projects and get ready for a great day outdoors.

Mica Projects - Kitchen

Kitchen Projects

Finding ways to improve your kitchen is always a bonus, click here for the kitchen improvement jackpot!

Mica Projects - Maintenance

Maintenance Projects

Maintenance is key! Here’s a collection of know-hows that will help you keep certain things in tip-top shape.

Mica Projects - Outdoor

Outdoor Projects

Feel like doing some outdoor improvements? These projects will keep you entertained for hours.

Mica Projects - Storage

Storage Projects

Everybody needs good ideas when it come to storage! Here we have some projects that everyone will enjoy.

Mica Projects - Upcycle

Upcycle Projects

Mica loves taking steps to help the environment. Here are some eco-friendly projects that are both pretty and functional!

Mica Projects - Decorative

Decorative Projects

Decorating is good for the soul! These projects will help you beautify your home and have fun doing it!