DIY Looking Glass Coffee Table

DIY Looking Glass Coffee Table

These days, living rooms are getting smaller as houses shrink to fit into more densely populated areas. Instead of feeling cramped, there are things you can do to create the feeling of space. Today we will show you how to create a looking glass coffee table to do just that.


  • Glass top coffee table
  • Glossy silver spray paint


  1. Remove the glass from your coffee table. Ideally it would have a metal base, which would look great with this effect.
  2. Give the glass a thorough cleaning on both sides, ensuring that there is no dust, hair or other debris when done and dry.
  3. Lay your glass on newspapers to cover the floor and start spraying your silver spray paint in short even sprays.
  4. Once completely dry, put the glass back onto the coffee table with the painted side down. It won’t make much of a mirror, but will have an “antique” feel.
  5. Enjoy!