Keeping the kids entertained can become quite a job! DIY Arts and crafts projects is a great way for them to get creative and make use of the extra bits and bots that you may have lying around the house. Try out our amazing, easy DIY Super Hero project – simply using ice cream sticks and let imaginations run wild!

You will need:

  1. Wooden ice cream sticks (this acts as the body and the head of your super hero)
  2. Googly eyes
  3. Coloured cardboard
  4. Glitter glue
  5. Paint
  6. Craft glue
  7. Other decorative material (ie, old fabric)


Step 1

Cut out a cape, a collar and a mask from coloured cardboard or old fabric. Using your craft glue, glue your cut-out parts onto your wooden ice cream stick.

Step 2

Now that you have the base of your super hero done, using your imagination – personalise your super hero by decorating it with googly eyes, glitter glue etc.

Step 3