We refurbish furniture a lot these days, and we don’t just mean us here at Mica! We think people in general are looking for ways to keep themselves busy and are thinking about reusing things more than they once did, especially DIY’ers, and that’s a great thing!

The thing is, sometimes you have to get pretty creative to reuse pieces of an item, such as a drawer that has no dresser. Lucky for you, Mica is here to help you along the way!

The most important thing to consider is whether the frame is in good enough condition to work with. For couches and chairs, make sure the frames are sturdy and the springs are intact (if applicable). Fixing the foundation of the furniture is a much more expensive process.

For wooden pieces such as dressers and tables, you can repair hinges and legs. Sanding and paint can work wonders. Also, consider grabbing interesting drawer pulls, old cabinets and picture frames. You can refinish wooden furniture yourself with a sander and new paint. Wood filler is a great tool for covering up old nail holes or repairing cracks.

You can even attempt reupholstering projects to make items look brand new. Here are a few ideas:

* Recover a traditional leather sofa with a fun, graphic print for a modern look.

* Refinish dresser drawers, line their insides with pretty paper.

* Sand and paint two old end tables for new night stands. Even if the tables are different, a common paint colour will unify the look.

* Paint an old cabinet panel and add drawer pulls on each end for a new serving tray.

* Mount an old door to a bedroom wall (horizontally) for a unique headboard.

* Cover a dresser or buffet with a slab of remnant granite, marble or just a few tiles for a new kitchen island.

* Paint some picture frames and fill them with old pieces of fabric, aprons or cork.

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