Spring is around the corner, which means it is time to get your green thumbs out and prepare for the coming summer. For all of our garden lovers, Mica Hardware is proud to be able to offer the GRO Garden Tools Product Range that is comprehensively made up of durable, effective and affordable products help you bring your garden to life.

The product range includes hose fittings, sprinklers, sprayers, various adjustable nozzles and accessories. GRO also offers a range of pruning tools, garden hand tools and more to best suit any gardening requirements. Better yet, feeling a little financially strapped this year? GRO is not only affordably priced across the entire range, but also offers a tiered range of products from great value to premium comfort – so you can definitely find something to suit your needs and your pocket!

GRO is not simply a range of hand tools and accessories, but will also cater for all your residential irrigation needs, offering a premium, top quality range of brass watering fittings too. GRO was founded on the love of the outdoors and aim to cater the need for a lush garden with user-friendly and effective gardening solutions.

At Mica Hardware, we strive to deliver quality products to our clients that will not only deliver results they are looking for but also give them more reason to walk into our stores for more worth-trying quality brands and equipment. The next time you visit your nearest Mica Hardware, remember to look out for the GRO product range!