What you will need:

  • 13 Tongue-and-groove planks to the length you desire, we recommend
  • 1200mm (for the base square)
  • 24 20mm wood screws

  • Four 44 x 44 x 1800mm pine blocks (leg stands)
  • 32 3.5 x 45mm wood screws
  • Four 20X 40mm pine blocks (top beams)

  • Shade netting 1260mm x1260mm
  • Staple gun and staples


  1. Put 3 tongue-and-groove planks together. Use a rubber mallet to ensure they are properly knocked together and fit well into each other. Cut three small strips of the tongue-and-groove planks for each side you make and attach them (as evenly spread out as possible) with 20mm wood screws.
  2. Place the leg stands to intersect at the corners of the base and drill the 3.5 x 45mm screws through the base (on each side of the corner). Drill the screw into the top and bottom of the base corner.
  3. To attach the top beams to the leg stands drill pilot holes through the leg stands the drill in the 3.5 x 45mm wood screws.
  4. Place the shade net over the top of the frame. Pull tightly and ensure that the overhang is equal on all sides. Fold the net under on all sides and staple together as neatly as possible.
  5. You now have a lovely shaded sandpit for your kids to play in.

Some extra tips for this project:

  • Ensure you fill the sandpit with clean and treated sand to prevent your kids from picking up germs.
  • Add a cover to put over the sand to keep it dirt, germ and contamination free.
  • Paint the wood with wood sealer or varnish to prevent it from decaying. This will extend the life of the frame.