The issue with using your mobile so often is finding something to lean it on so that you don’t get a sore arm while you get the picture. 

In this part of this feature, we show you how to make a simple stand for your mobile – and you can even adjust its angle. How about THAT


  • MDF offcuts or any other timber of your choice. 
  • Wood glue 
  • Short length of 6mmØ dowel – though 8mmØ or even 10mmØ can be used as an alternative 

The stand’s dimensions are 145mm x 100mm from 16mm MDF. The ledge is 100mm x 22mm and 22mm up from the base and the dowels are 120mm long but you can of course adjust the dimensions as you wish. 


  1. The pieces you will need… a backrest, a shelf, and a length of dowel. 
  1. I trilled the backrest to the dimensions I wanted, as listed above, and then marked off and cut the shelf to match the backrest width. 
  1. I used a junior hacksaw to cut the shelf as it produces a fine result. 
  1. I checked the shelf length matched the backrest width. 
  1. And glued it into position. 
  1. Once the glue had cured, securing the shelf to the backrest, I marked off the positions of the dowels. I chose to use two dowels, but you can get away with one… two, however, tend to make the stand a little more stable. 
  1. I drilled two 6mmØ holes for the dowels… ensure as far as possible that you drill these holes very accurately, so that the dowels are aligned. 
  1. In the centre (lines), Mr Venter. 
  1. Then I cut the dowel into two lengths of about 150mm, after which I trimmed then down to 120mm. 
  1. With the dowels partially recessed into their holes, the stand holds the mobile in a more vertical position. 
  1. Insert the dowels until they protrude in front, as shown, and the angle is more pronounced. 
  1. With the dowels flush with the front of the shelf, this is the angle. You will probably end up with just one angle, in which case you can glue the dowels to a set position to give a set angle, but as they can be shifted in this case, the stand is slightly more versatile.  
  1. It’s suitable for holding the mobile for those family chats… 
  1. … Or for those one-on-ones. 

Project guide 

Skill level: 1 

Estimated time: 1 hour 

Cost: R0 – unless you don’t have suitable off-cuts. 

Assistant: No  

Tools required: 

Drill/driver, jigsaw or hacksaw 


These materials are available at Selected Mica Stores. To find your closest Mica and whether or not they stock the items required, please go to, find your store and call them. If your local Mica does not stock exactly what you need they will be able to order it for you or suggest an alternative product or a reputable source.