What you will need:

  • 1.5m of copper tubing
  • 7 eye screws
  • 5 25mm machine screws and nuts
  • Nylon twine
  • 25mm x 150 mm plank


  1. Centre an 11 cm diameter circle in a 14 cm-square cut of plank. Mark the circle at five equidistant points. Insert eye screws at the circle’s centre and at all five points.
  2. Cut five pieces of tubing to the lengths in the table below:
  3. Musical pitch


    Hang point from top


    29,2 cm

    65 mm


    26,6 cm

    62 mm


    25,4 cm

    57 mm


    24 cm

    54 mm



    51 mm

  4. Drill a 4 mm hole through each pipe as listed in the table. These hanging points produce the best chime sounds. Insert a machine screw through the hole and fit a nut on to the screw shank. Tie an 18 cm length of twine from the circle of eye screws to the screw shank in each pipe.
  5. Use a 6 cm hole saw to cut a disk from a 25 mm-thick piece of scrap wood. Use more waste to make a V-shaped, 8 cm long wind scoop. Hang each from the centre eye screw. Cut and glue two smaller 25 mm squares to the top of the first square. Top-centre-mount an eye screw in the smallest square.
  6. Hang the chime on your patio, somewhere where it will catch the breeze and enjoy.

Mica would like to credit Popular Mechanics for this project.
You can visit their website at www.popularmechanics.co.za