MUG Tray Project

Many trays are quite large, and others somewhat smaller, but what about making your own – just the size you want it to be…?

This tray is 29mm x 19mm and large enough for four standard-size mugs, or a couple of those huge mugs some people like, but decide on the size you like and go for it.

The plywood base will be on the inside of the outer frame, so allow for this. The illustration shows how the plywood base rests on the 6x19mm beading.


One small sheet of 3.2mm plywood; one length of 6x19mm meranti beading; one length of 9x19mm meranti beading; two handles; (possibly four extra screws of 40mm, cut to length, if screws supplied with the handles are not long enough); four pads; glue, finish of your choice.


  1. Cut the plywood base to the dimensions of your choice and then the 6x19mm beading, which will be 9mm proud on each edge of the plywood, and glue them to the plywood base.
    Mug Image 1
  2. This is how the 6x19mm beading meets – you can use a mitre join if you like, but this is simpler.
    Mug Image 2
  3. Once the glue has cured, cut the tray sides from the 9x19mm beading. Glue them to the 6x19mm beading and hard up against the edge of the plywood and use 20mm panel pins to reinforce the join.
    Mug Image 3
  4. This shows the mitred join on one corner of the tray sides.
    Mug Image 4
  5. Apply the finish of your choice and once that is dry, position the handles on the short ends of the tray, ensuring that they are absolutely centred.
    Mug Image 5
  6. Mark the handle attachment screw hole positions carefully – they need to be dead centre as shown here. Then drill the holes for the screws.
    Mug Image 6
  7. If you need longer screws, but the ideal length is not available, then buy slightly longer ones and cut them to length. Hint: Turn a nut on to the screw before you cut it to length; when you turn the nut off, it will align the screws’ thread (do this for any bolt or threaded rod as well if you have to cut any).
    Mug Image 7
  8. The illustration shows how the pieces come together. Countersink the panel pins slightly.
    Mug Image contruction
  9. All done… and there you have it – a custom made tray.
    Mug Image Final 2
  10. Project guide

    • Difficulty: Beginner/Novice
    • Estimated time: 3 hours
    • Cost: R50-R100

    These materials are available at Selected Mica Stores. To find out which is your closest Mica and whether or not they stock the items required, Click here find your store and call them. If your local Mica does not stock exactly what you need they will be able to order it for you or suggest an alternative product or a reputable source.