Do you love plants in pots? Here are a few great tips to keep in mind when you plan on planting your plants in pots. Firstly don’t skimp on drainage, ensure that your pot has a good drainage system for example making use of a tray for the base of your pot for water and make sure there is a big enough hole at the bottom of the pot as when the soil becomes too wet, it can suffocate your plants.

When buying your plants, it is good to read the tag that comes with the plant, this will tell you the height it will grow to, the area it should be grown in and the amount of water is needed for it to grow. This is it a good idea to keep in mind, when deciding on the space you have available for plants to grow.

If you plan on planting plants in high sunlight areas, make sure you choose plants that can handle direct sunlight for long periods of time to ensure your plants do not die. Some plants also grow better next to plants that they are more compatible with, it is good to research the plants you wish to buy before you make your final decision. Most potting soil has no accessible nutrients therefore it is best to add additional nutrients to your plants so they can flourish. Remember to put plants together that require the same amount of light. Do not over water your plants as this will do more damage than good. Ensure that you have a sufficient amount of soil in your pots, the more the better.

Different plants come with different rules. Following simple tips like theses can ensure the longevity of your plants in pots. Visit you nearest Mica Hardware for all your gardening tools and more!