Make your own Headboard

What you will need:

  • 16mm chipboard cut to size 920 x 1000mm Alcolin Spray adhesive Vinyl Wallpaper (alternatively you could use fabric)
  • 2 pine or supawood cut to 80mm wide and desired height
  • Drill, driver and assorted bits Craft Knife Tape Measure and Pencil Ruler Scissors


  1. Cut your desired wallpaper or fabric into two strips that are about 10cm longer than the width of the chipboard. You will need two strips to cover the height of the chipboard.
  2. Spray the front of the chipboard and the back of the wallpaper with Alcolin spray adhesive. Leave to dry until it is no longer sticky to the touch.
  3. Place the wallpaper as straight as possible and ensure that it extends over the edge by 2cm. Press down from the centre, working your way out to get rid of any bubbles.
  4. Position the second piece of wallpaper or fabric to align or match the first. Then apply in the same way.
  5. Spray the edges with the adhesive spray and leave to dry.
  6. Working from the top, push the sides of the wallpaper or fabric down onto the sides. Leave the top and bottom until last.
  7. When sticking down the top and bottom, cut a flap out of the material to ensure it folds and sticks neatly. Spray the flaps with adhesive, leave to dry and then press down.
  8. Cut two pieces of 80mm pine or supawood to your desired height. Measure the legs height by determining how high your bed and base is. Drill three holes and then screw the legs onto the back of the headboard. (See Fig 1)
    Easy to make and easily transportable. This freestanding headboard is the perfect addition to a bed and won’t leave holes in your wall.

Headboard Instructions