We’ve worked hard to ensure that we only stock the best

Mica Suppliers - Glue & Silicone

Glue & Silicone

Sticking or sealing? Take a look at the brands that
supply us with the products to do just that!

Mica Suppliers - aaa

Power Tools

These mighty machines are your best friends on the job.
Click here to see the great brand names that we stock.

Mica Suppliers - Electrical


Mica has everything you need to power and light your
way. View our electrical brands here.

Mica Suppliers - Hand Tools

Hand Tools

From hammers to saws and more! Mica has an excellent
range of hand tool brands!

Mica Suppliers - Paint


A great paint job can make any project look amazing.
Mica has top quality suppliers for a top quality job!

Mica Suppliers - Paint Accessories

Paint Accessories

Getting a paint job done just right requires the right
tools! Click here to view our paint accessory

Mica Suppliers - Waterproofing


Many building projects aren’t complete without adequate
waterproofing solutions! Trust Mica’s suppliers for top
class waterproofing results!

Mica Suppliers - Garden


A beautiful garden requires a bit of love and attention
– and the right tools of course. View our gardening brands

Mica Suppliers - Ladders


For all those difficult to reach places – you need a
ladder to get to where you need to go, quickly and safely. View Mica’s
ladder brands here.

Mica Suppliers - Pool


An inviting pool is a crystal clear pool! Get all the
equipment you need to keep your pool looking amazing. View
Mica’s pool suppliers here.

Mica Suppliers - Outdoor & Camping

Outdoor & Camping

Enjoy the outdoors to the max with excellent camping
supplies. Mica has excellent brands to ensure maximum
comfort in the outdoors.

Mica Suppliers - Fasteners


Building a shelf? Hanging a door? Most projects need
fasteners! View Mica’s fastener brands here.

Mica Suppliers - Storage


Great storage can make all the different in a business
or household! Whatever your needs, Mica has the storage
solution. View our brands here.

Mica Suppliers - General DIY

General DIY

Need a range of DIY supplies? Mica has the niftiest
brands. Click here to view suppliers that are dedicated to
making life more convenient.

Mica Suppliers - Security


Security is always a priority. Whether it be keeping
yourself, your family or your possessions safe Mica has the
supplies for you.

Mica Suppliers - Cement


Any good building project requires top class cement.
Mica has a range of excellent cement brands to give your project a great foundation.

Mica Suppliers - aaa

Doors and Windows

A crucial part of any building is the doors and windows.
Mica supplies high quality door and window brands to
complete any building.

Mica Suppliers - Pipes


Pipes are paramount to many industries including
plumbing, construction, mining and irrigation. For
pipes you can trust, view Mica’s brands here.

Mica Suppliers - Building Accessories

Building Accessories

Do you need building accessories such as tiles, wood or
roofing? Mica stocks great building accessory brands.

Mica Suppliers - Power Tool Accessories

Power Tool Accessories

Whether you need to drill, cut, sand or fix something,
you will need high quality power tool accessories to do the job properly. View Mica’s brands here.