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Voltex is a reputable supplier of electrical and
lighting products. Electrical products and lighting are
quintessential to superb modern day living. Voltex provides
the highest quality products to ensure that homeowners and
tradesmen alike can rest assured they are buying the best.
Voltex products are trusted electrical products that have
been safety tested and are perfect for homes, offices,
constructions, mines and more. All Voltex products conform
to SABS specifications which means the consumer can rest
assured their products are up to the highest standards.
Their range of products include industrial electrical
products and components, energy efficient products and
solutions, lighting and sensor technology, switchgear and
motor control, transmission and distribution products,
wiring accessories, cable and cable support systems, power
tools, hand tools and testers.

Ellies is a leading electrical and lights manufacturer
in southern Africa. For more than 30 years Ellies has
provided Africa with quality household lighting and
electrical products. Ellies provides trusted products that
come with a full repair or 12 month warranty so you have
peace of mind when buying their products from your nearest
Mica store. For excellent and trusted household, office and
more commercial lighting products get to your nearest Mica
and we can advise you on which Ellies product will suit
your needs.

Eurolux is a supplier that leads in the lighting
industry. Eurolux is considered to be one of the leaders in
the in the South African lighting industry and a
trendsetter in lighting innovation and style. Eurolux is
proud to be a locally grown company that ensures South
Africans are constantly up to date with the very latest in
technology, styles and trends in the lighting industry.
Eurolux is proud to offer a perfect balance of style and
quality in products made for their consumers. For excellent
prices on Eurolux products get to your nearest Mica.