Get into the Easter spirit with Mica Hardware and our fun and easy DIY tips! Decorate your garden with Easter Wreaths! It will get your family excited for all the Easter Egg Hunts and other festivities!

    You will need:
  • • 2 x different sized wreaths
  • • Fish Wire
  • • Hessian/Ribbon
  • • Paint Chips
  • • Scissors
  • • Pink Cardboard
  • • Cotton Wool
  • • Streamers
  1. Tie the 2 different sized wreaths together with the fish wire.
  2. Tie a bow around the middle of the two wreaths using the hessian or the ribbon.
  3. Cut ears out of the cardboard – use the size of the smaller wreath as a guide for size. Stick cotton wool on the edge of the cardboard – this will make for fluffy ears.
  4. Cut the paint chips into egg shapes.
  5. Stick the streamers to the bottom of the wreath and stick the egg chips on top of the streamers.
  6. Happy Easter!