How to correctly build and install a cupboard

Easy Steps to Fix or Install Cupboards


Adjust doors and create extra storage.

You can add extra storage space to cupboards in the kitchen. Simply make adjustable shelves for lots of extra storage space.

Kitchen cupboard shelves are usually spaced to fit the larger items but many items are much shorter so this simple insert, made from just three lengths of wood using a 1100W router and a 400W jigsaw, will take a few minutes to make and will add lots of shelving space to your cupboards.

Extra Storage

  1. Cut two uprights to fit comfortably against the sides of the cupboard and rout a rebate of sufficient width to accept the shelf to a depth of about half that of the upright.
  2. Cut the horizontal shelf to fit snugly into the rebates.
  3. Slide the uprights into position and slip the shelf into place. You now have a self-supporting second shelf for smaller items.

Extra Storage Solution

Are those kitchen cupboard doors sagging a bit? If so, it’s only because the screws have loosened with constant opening and closing. So here’s how to align them again…

An Easy Fix

  • Use a screwdriver to loosen the locking screw – that’s the one furthest from the actual hinge pivot point. Loosen it only enough to allow the adjustment screw to be able to move the arm in and out.
  • Now, half a turn at a time, turn the adjustment screw in or out to pull the arm in or push it out.
  • Close and open the door to see what effect it’s having (screwing the top hinge screw out will move the top of the door in; screwing it in, will move the top of the door back. The same applies to the bottom hinge).
  • Simultaneously, adjust the hinges on the other door until you obtain a proper fit.
  • When satisfied, tighten the locking screws on each hinge to lock them into position.

Easily fix a cupboard

Shopping List

  • Router
  • Jigsaw
  • 6 Lengths of timber
  • C-clamp
  • Screwdriver

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