This space-saving unit is designed for DVDs, but also doubles as a rotating bookcase for a desk. It also triples as a nifty rotating storage unit for the kitchen, offering space for all those teabags, coffees, spices and whatnots. Forget Apollo 11 – this is the actual winner of the Space Race!

OK, we know we’re stretching a bit on the last point, but this unit really does work well and is incredibly versatile.

Please be aware that while we set the gap between the base, middle and top at 200mm, you can make your own unit at 220mm to accommodate taller books, should you decide to use it as a bookcase.

Project Guide:

Skill level: 3
Estimated time: 2 days
Cost: R100
Assistant: No


  • SA pine – 22mmx200mm – 1.4m
  • 8mm Meranti dowels – 6m
  • 1 Lazy Susan turntable
  • Wood glue
  • Finish of your choice
  • Small rubber pads


  • Jigsaw
  • Sander
  • Drill
  • Two Bar Clamps

*All materials are available at Selected Mica Stores. To find your nearest Mica and to enquire about availability, please go to, to use our store locator. If your local Mica does not stock exactly what you need they will be able to order or suggest an alternative product or a reputable source.


  1. Position examples of what you plan to store as shown here. In this case, we’re planning to store DVDs with the standard 22mm thick divider. We used a scrap piece of wood to do the necessary meassuring. When setting the height, allow space for your fingertips to get a grip on whatever you will be taking out.
  2. DIY DVD and Kitchen Rack Image 1

  3. Cut the base to length – it is 300mm long.
  4. DIY DVD and Kitchen Rack Image 2

  5. Using the base as a template, cut the middle shelf and the top.
  6. DIY DVD and Kitchen Rack Image 3

  7. Now cut the two dividers. As mentioned above, we used 200mm to accommodate DVDs, but 220mm would be better for books. If you cut everything accurately, the pieces will balance as shown here.
  8. DIY DVD and Kitchen Rack Image 4

  9. We find it easier to sand the parts seperately before assembly.
  10. DIY DVD and Kitchen Rack Image 5

  11. Measure off the positions of the 8mm dowels. They are set in 15mm with the first dowel being 15mm from the front corner and the other two spaced at 50mm centres. NOTE: Select the best piece for the top and make your markings on the worst surface as it will form the underside of the base.
  12. DIY DVD and Kitchen Rack Image 6

  13. Once you’ve selected the best piece for the top, clamp it to the other two pieces with the best side down.
  14. DIY DVD and Kitchen Rack Image 7

  15. Set the depth of the holes with tape on your drill bit. Then drill through from the underside of the base. Ideally you want the dowels to penetrate the underside of the top no more than 10-12mm.
  16. DIY DVD and Kitchen Rack Image 8

  17. Once you have drilled the two corners, tap home a couple of 8mm dowels or 8mm drill bits to keep everything aligned.
  18. DIY DVD and Kitchen Rack Image 9

  19. Now drill the rest of the holes for the dowels.
  20. DIY DVD and Kitchen Rack Image 10

  21. You don’t want to see any dowels on the upper surface of the unit’s top.
  22. DIY DVD and Kitchen Rack Image 11

  23. Now cut the dowels to length – we cut our’s to 470mm – and glue them into the underside of the top. Using offcuts to spread the pressure, start pushing the dowels through the middle shelf. As you do so, you’ll hear a lot of creaking and twanging, just gently flex the dowels as you go, helping to keep then true.
  24. DIY DVD and Kitchen Rack Image 12

  25. Notice how the offcuts are laid across the grain of the middle shale (and of course, the top)? Take your time with this process to avoid breaking any of the dowels.
  26. DIY DVD and Kitchen Rack Image 13

  27. Start by seating the middle shelf and use a square to ensure that pressure is applied evenly and at as close to 90º as possible.
  28. DIY DVD and Kitchen Rack Image 14

  29. Getting closer. When the gap is 5mm or so, apply glue to the divider and carefully insert it. Align and complete the clamping.
  30. DIY DVD and Kitchen Rack Image 15

  31. Finish the unit off by attaching the base. As soon as all the dowels are seated partially in their holes, squeeze in some glue to coat the side of the holes and then complete seating the dowels. Once the glue has dried, sand any tip down flush for a neat finish.
  32. DIY DVD and Kitchen Rack Image 16

  33. To complete the unit, apply the finish of your choice. We wanted a plain, natural look, so there was no hanging about.
  34. DIY Folding Table Finish Image

  35. Finally, attach the Lazy Susan rotating base. Stick small rubber pads on the base and you’re ready to give it a spin.
  36. DIY Folding Table Illustration

  37. As a DVD Rack.
  38. DIY DVD Rack Complete

  39. As a Kitchen Rack.
  40. DIY Kitchen Rack Complete