Need to know guide: Power tools

With DIY projects, home improvement tasks or even in most industries, a power tool is a valuable resource for any tradesman. A good quality power tool can define a job well done.

There are a variety of power tools available for the required application. Knowing which tool to use when starting out with DIY can become complicated, this need to know guide will help you understand the uses and convenience of a power tool.

The first known power tool was invented by the Egyptians known as the Lathe. In the 1880’s the power tool developed into the electric powered tools we know today, with the introduction of the electric motor. German inventor Wilhelm Emil Fein invented the first electric hand drill in 1895, sparking a lifetime of building and DIY convenience.

With so many varieties and brands on the market one can easily be overwhelmed by the choices available, but what are the essential power tools to own? The essential power tools to stock in your tool collection are as follows:

  • A cordless drill is the most essential tool when starting your power tool collection. This power tool is versatile and powerful.
  • The sabre saw is extremely practical, allowing you to cut on a curve or vertical axis.
  • An impact drill has added torque compared to the regular hand drill. This helps to drill through exceptionally hard surfaces i.e. brick.
  • A small angle grinder has a variety of uses beyond grinding. Use the angle grinder to sharpen; remove paint and rust; and polish and cut tiles.
  • The orbital palm sander saves time and is the perfect all-round sanding tool. Uses include restoring and repairing rough surfaces or adding a finishing touch to DIY work.
  • Table saw, a good option when doing general hobby or repair work.

Although most power tools are easy to operate and store, strict safety precautions should be taken during use and proper operating conditions must be adhered to. The following safety precautions can be taken in preparation to use a power tool: dress in tight fitting and comfortable clothing, use safety gloves when appropriate and wear safety goggles or glasses at all times.

Power tools are available at your nearest Mica with a variety of high quality brands and trusted suppliers. Ask in store for assistance as to which power tool will be suitable to your needs – a Mica salesperson will happily assist you with all your DIY needs.