Mica is proud to introduce our newest addition to the Mica family – the brand new store – Parktown North Mica Paint & Hardware! This store officially opened in August 2021 in the close-knit community that is Parktown North.

While this store may be smaller than other Mica stores in the country, it packs a punch as it offers the same excellent products and services to the community of Parktown North and surrounding areas.

This new Mica store will offer retail service to local buyers in the local community of Parks and also contractors who serve the area – providing a better pricing option to the local community so they do not travel far to get their products in demand. This is the mission of any Mica store – how best we can serve our communities’ individual needs.

Parktown North Mica has been founded by two young engineers with extensive experience in engineering and construction. These 2 new Mica owners firmly believe that the future of South Africa is in the hands of young South Africans, which is why they have employed and empowered young staff that live in nearby suburbs – because they too are part of the Parktown North community. This store’s goal is to train apprentices and young talents who are passionate about construction, helping them to start a career!

Parktown North Mica Paint & Hardware is also a boutique Mica store that along with their complement of young staff, offers experienced staff and in-store specialists who can assist customers with any DIY or renovation projects. This store also provides small customisation, repairs and maintenance as well as, cutting materials to size. What’s even more impressive is that they can send a crew to help customers with installation. Now that’s service!

So, if you need a small hardware store that offers big deals, great service and personalized experience – visit the newly opened Parktown North Mica Paint & Hardware!

Visit them at 24 1st Ave W, Parktown North, Johannesburg or give them a call on 011 327 1099.

Come to Parktown North Mica and let us show you how!