Your power and hand tools are what help you to do your best work when fixing up around the house and doing your DIY projects. They are made to last for a long time and by taking good care of them by performing the correct maintenance habits, will keep your tools running well, prevent them from unnecessary damage, thus helping them to last longer.

Extend your tools lives by taking good care of your investment with these handy and very valuable tips:

  1. Carefully read user manuals – Always follow the guidelines and instructions stipulated in tool user manuals for specific maintenance procedures. This will prevent misuse of them and avoid any unwanted damage to be caused.
  2. Service your tools – Power tool components need to firmly stay in place inside the machine and they can often move out of alignment during use. Refer to your tool’s user manual in order to determine when you should get it adjusted and recalibrated by a professional, if it can’t be done at home.
  3. Correctly store away – Store tools in a clean, dry and clutter-free space where it is well-ventilated and safe from any heat or moisture. This will avoid safety issues like electrical problems or corrosion to elements.
  4. Replace and repair – some tool components will eventually get worn from wear and tear and these parts need to be frequently monitored so they can be either repaired or replaced. Assess your tools on a regular basis to avoid disappointment when they need to be used.
  1. Keep them well-lubricated– Keep your tools well-oiled to prevent certain parts from rubbing, causing them to wear down or even cause unsafe heating. Lubrication is necessary to ensure that all moving components within the machine suitably work.
  2. Check electrical cables – Inspect all power cables for any visible cuts and or distressed covers and replace them if they have any exposed wires showing to avoid possibly dangerous results.
  3. Sharpen up – Make sure that blades and other slicing fittings are sharp enough to make your job precise. Having blunt blades will only make the job take longer to do. Check that all fasteners and screws are tight before and after use, which may have come loose in operation.
  4. Allow tools to cool down – After use of tools, allow for ample time for them to cool off before storing them away. Avoid overheating and switch any tools off before it gets too hot. This will help save you from wearing out the motor or burning out parts.
  5. Properly clean parts – Do not blow away the dust on tools like you would on appliances as by doing so you can push particles into delicate areas which can eventually destroy the machine from corrosion. Rather remove any dust or dirt with a toothbrush and then wipe down with a soft cloth.
  6. Avoid dead batteries – It is not recommended to let your powertool batteries to completely run out. Rather charge them before they get too low and totally die. Store batteries in a cool dry place to prevent them from overheating as burnt out batteries are unrepairable.

It might take a little extra time but by performing these maintenance tasks and taking good care of your power and hand tools, but it is vital for your tools’ performance and longevity, as well as for you to get the job done effectively!

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