One of the issues with a trellis is that when you need to paint the wall on which it is mounted, you have quite a job getting behind it without damaging the creeper on it. Here’s the solution to making your trellis removable.


Trellis – short length of 22x69mm treated SA pine.

Two stainless steel – 75x8mm coach bolts and matching plugs plus two washers.

A dozen or so 40mm screws – stainless steel or passivated decking screws.

Two 50mm screws – stainless steel or passivated.

Optional: white, green or black plastic mesh to attach to the back of the trellis to give more anchor points to the plant.


  1. The trellis used in the images provided are sold at Mica stores in an assembled state, so it’s just a case of attaching it to the wall and getting a creeper or two to start growing up it. The size shown here is 1500x610mm and the material is treated SA pine, which makes it very durable. First of all, mark and cut two mounting plates from the length of 22x69mm treated SA pine paling and drill an 8mmØ hole through the centre of each for the attachment coach bolts.
  2. The paling is fastened to the trellis using four 40mm screws and two 50mm screws – note that the latter are driven through the vertical paling as well.
  3. With the trellis held in position, use an 8mm masonry bit to mark the coach bolts positions on the wall.
  4. Complete the holes with a hammer driving an 8mm SDS bit (or an ordinary round shank 8mm masonry bit).
  5. Pass the coach bolts through the mounting plates and lightly screw the plastic wall plug on to each.
  6. Then tap them into their holes and complete the fastening, anchoring the trellis firmly to the wall. As the bolts are stainless steel they will not rust or corrode and when the wall needs to be painted, the trellis can be detached from the wall and leaned forward far enough and without damaging the creeper to allow the wall behind to be painted. Once the paint is dry, the trellis is quickly remounted on the wall.
  7. Note how this mounting method holds the trellis away from the wall so the creeper can fully entwine around it, even behind and around the horizontal cross-members.
  8. The creeper at the foot of the trellis is still small, but in time it will be covered entirely, for a blaze of colour.
  9. The creeper has grown up the full height of the trellis, and in time will cover it entirely, for a blaze of colour. As you can see we added plastic mesh behind the trellis, simply tying it on with nylon cord, to provide more anchorage points for the plant.


These materials are available at selected Mica Stores. To find out which is your closest Mica and whether or not they stock the items required, please go to our store locator to find your nearest store and call them. If your local Mica does not stock exactly what you need they will be able to order it for you or suggest an alternative product or a reputable source.