Spiro’s Mica has just turned 95! In celebrating this massive milestone, Mica Hardware looks back into the history of one of the oldest Mica stores.

In May 1922, Spiro’s Mica was started by Harry Spiro – the father of Norman, Monty and Theo Spiro. In the 1970’s, Theo decided to turn the family-owned store into one of the first self-service hardware stores that focused on home DIY. Spiro’s joined the Mica family in 1983 and in 2006 the store got the look we all know and love today.

Spiro’s Mica has an active Facebook page as well as a loyalty programme that allows customers and Mica to communicate. Spiro’s Mica keeps abreast of all current affairs within its community – from saving electricity to saving water.

The Spiro’s Mica group has extended and now consists of Kendal Mica as well as Dick and Allsop Mica. These community focused Mica stores likes to give back where they can to the community that supports them so whole-heartedly, whether it be giving back to schools, special projects or charities.

As part of the store’s 95th Birthday celebration – 67 pairs of shoes were donated to Alpha Primary School in Morningstar. Store owner, Steven Sollinger, has also started a rabbit rescue centre. Woodwork and art classes were started and they occur every fortnight, a much loved event among the Durbanville community.

Get to Spiro’s Mica for any DIY items, hardware, pool, outdoor, gifts, toys, kitchen utensils, art equipment, DIY material and braai equipment!