A tin can man is a great addition to anyone’s garden or a magical themed party. The children will need their parents help quite a bit through this project, but this project will be great fun, even for the parents!

You’ll need:

  • 15 cm metal or plastic funnel (optional)
  • 1 straw
  • 7 empty canned fruit tin
  • 1 tuna can
  • 1 500g coffee or baby formula tin
  • 2 smoked mussel/ fancy feast cat food/ cooked ham tins (or a tin of a similar square or oval shape for the feet of the tin man)
  • 5 tin can lids
  • 5 bottle caps
  • Wire/ strong string/ thick ribbon
  • craft  glue
  • screwdriver
  • metal cutters/ sharp pair of scissors/ jigsaw
  • screws with bolt backings and a drill
  • You may want a marker
  • Black & white acrylic paint


  1. Rinse and remove labels from cans. Next drill a hole in the top of each cans including the square/oval cans. Also drill a hole on each side the coffee/ baby formula can being used for the body. You can either leave cans there natural colouring or paint them.
  1. Next gather bottle caps. You can paint them black or leave them in their natural colour. Using one of the 7 fruit can as the head, glue the bottle caps on for eyes and buttons onto the largest tin or you can drill holes and screw them in. If screwing them on you will want to do that before assembling the body together. If gluing them on that can be done in the end.
  1. There are a few ways you can make the nose:
  1. Use a can lid by folding it back and bending it forward then drill holes and screw it on
  2. Draw a nose on a can lid and use wire cutters to cut it out.
  3. Draw a nose with a marker or paint one on.
  1. Use small can lids fir ears. To do this make two slits on each side of can used for the head then insert the lids in and glue them in place with craft glue.

Tip: Use a can opener where it takes the whole lid off that looks like a lid with a lip on it instead of them being cut with sharp edges. This will prevent you or anyone else from cutting themselves

  1. Cut the wires/ strong string to length for attaching the cans. If you are using a funnel, the first piece of wire should be long enough to fit through the funnel, head and body. make wire into a loop at the top so then when the wire come down you will be able attach the legs. For making the arms and legs wire together 6 of the 7 fruit cans. When making legs attach the square/oval can on each one to make feet.
  1. Make the hands by taking a large can lid and draw hands on them. Use wire cutters/ jigsaw/ strong sharp scissors to cut out the design of them. Again make sure the metal does not have sharp edges on them. Drill a hole in the top of hands for attaching a wire to attach to the arms.
  1. Now your Tin Man is done! Hang him up and enjoy!