For all the mommy’s and daddy’s that formula feed, you know all about the tins. They look so handy and the contents get used so quickly! With help from Mica Hardware, here are some fabulous ideas for those formula tins!

1. Storage for kids stationery. You and your kids can decorate them with paint, glitter glue, bows or small toys.

2. We all know how those pesky plastic bags take up space in our cleaning cupboard, so why not try a formula tin into a plastic bag keeper. This is a great place to squeeze all your old plastic bags into one place. You can even cut a small hole in the top you can pull them out like tissues!

3. Great for storage. Foods in the pantry, like coffee, small toys, laundry powder, pens, possibilities are endless. If you make your own wipes, the tin will keep them very fresh.

4. What about a beautiful vase. Using a formula tin as a base, glue some like-sized twigs/sticks around the outside of the tin, secure with some craft twine and pop in some flowers. Cheap, cheerful and just gorgeous!

5. Kids storage for Hot Wheels cars or Barbie clothing. Grab one of the lids from a baby wipes pack and cut it out carefully. Cut a suitable hole from the top of the formula tin and glue on the hinged lid. You now have a nifty container perfect for hiding your secret stash – let the kids decorate them, it will keep them busy and it will keep things tidy!

6. A place to keep plastic blocks like lego. Let the kids decorate the tin in Lego yellow project board, pens and add a face. There you have a perfectly sized Lego storage unit!

7. You can turn them into a Christmas table decoration – add a glitter bow or some holly and mistletoe.

8. A beautiful punched lantern or a garden decoration, once done pop in a tea light candle and let your garden come to life.

9. A cutlery caddy made of upcycled formula tins – genius! This is perfect for a post lockdown braai!

10. Stack them to make a shoe rack. Formula tins are the perfect size for kids’ shoes – just use a bit of glue or tape to stack them up and they look fantastic!

11. Build a vertical garden drill a few holes in the bottom and sides and use as a pot plant. Grow larger seedlings or herbs.

12. Create a unique light fixture. With a bit of spray paint, glue and a few tins a masterpiece is on its way.

13. Get creative with the kids! They will love decorating these tins, you can use paint, paper, stickers or glue to stick feathers, felt, paper just about any other crafty thing to them. Let their imaginations run wild!

14. Perfect time to make a DIY gift for Father’s Day! He can store things like nails, nuts and bolts etc.

15. A Bird Feeder! Paint and decorate the tin, carefully glue a ribbon on either side of the tin, fill with bird seed and hang in your tree.